Too good | Poetry

I once loved in this world too dark I walked a road too hard I've given and I've taken laughed and begged andvanced, fell and realised that this world is and has always been too good to be true.


Since you left | Poetry

Since you left we've been waiting waiting waiting for the day we would meet again. Since you've been gone we've been trying trying trying too hard to survive and strive and forget the void you left. You are gone but we are here and we will live on in your name in our names to [...]

How learning new cultures helps you become a better writer | Being a writer

I am a writer. Although sometimes that is debatable. I write for fun. Sometimes I don't want to do it, but I will force myself and make sure that I write something that makes sense, even just a little bit. I was told that as a writer I need to be curious about the world [...]

Not a restriction, seriously | Being a writer

It's about that time of the year when I post a good rant. It's been long Lovelies, but I just came from Wattpad and that platform just keeps on falling from my Best website list. Everyone is already aware, but I'll recap for y'all. Wattpad got a freaking makeover! There's somewhere on their website where [...]