Waitressing for a top restaurant

But my story doesn’t end there. Here’s the funny part I was talking about. We finished late so we had to go outside and wait for our parents, or in my case Carla’s dad. Three of my school mates left and only three were left.

I was browsing through writing prompts online, you know, to try and write a blog post, when I stumbled across an interesting one.

It went something like, A scary memory.

My memory is not at all scary, but is more funny than anything else to me.

It all started on one school day, when the teacher tells us (Hospitality Studies children) that there was a wedding happening that Saturday. She told us that we could go waiter there if we wanted. We would be paid and it could go on our CV. Those two sentences, my dear readers, were what made me decide to go. One of my friends, I’ll call her Carla for privacy reasons, decided that she will also go. Just to accompany a friend (that’s me).

Carla and I decide that we would sleep over at her house because I leave too far away, and the wedding would end very late in the day. Everything was planned. I was going to be waitressing for the first time in my life and I would be paid for it!

So we first went to Carla’s house, got changed and then Carla’s dad took us to the (I’m pretty sure it’s five star) restaurant. The restaurant, let’s call it Lemon, was divided into two. An actual restaurant where they sold those fancy, tiny meals and a celebration venue. Or in that situation, a wedding venue.

It was beautiful, honestly. Because we live in a mountainous foresty area the venue was surrounded by trees and just, the beauty of nature. I marveled at the place’s beauty, but that soon ended when Carla and I realized that we were the first ones there. The first time that I was ever early to anything, mind you. We slowly walked to the ladies that seemed to pretty much know what was going on. They told us that we were at the right place and that we were just early.

That was just great! We could look around and see the beauty of the place. We didn’t. We just waited for the rest of our classmates to come. Fun right? At the end there were six of us. I didn’t mind. I was just glad for the experience, and money of course.

So a while later we started preparing the food. P.S. I messed up nothing! Afterwards the guests started arriving and I was freaking out. I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest and run back to the safe walls of the inside of my house. That did not happen though. We stayed in the kitchen and heard the wedding begin; we were not allowed to see the actual wedding. We were asked to open wine. How exciting! Seriously.You’d think that by watching all those movies, and watching the head chef show us how to open the bottle we’d get it correct the first time. I actually did get it correct, it was just the third or fourth time that I accidentally almost shot my eye out.

Then the wine was served, soon after the food was also served; by us. The  starter was easy enough to serve. There was one guy who showed us which direction to go, so that we wouldn’t get confused and the people who had special menus could get the meals that they had to get (except for this one woman who’s menu got mixed up and she got salmon instead of beef, so she was freaking out! But that’s a story for another day). Then came the main course. The plates were heated. I repeat, the freaking plates were heated! They gave us serviettes to try and not get burnt, but that did not help at all. I almost broke a plate, and by the end of the night my hands had had enough. Luckily that came sooner than we thought and we were given our money. Success!

But my story doesn’t end there. Here’s the funny part I was talking about. We finished late so we had to go outside and wait for our parents, or in my case Carla’s dad. Three of my school mates left and only three were left.

Me, Carla and Mandy. The phone had no signal, it was dark, it was drizzling and if we left the premises we would end up in the middle of a deserted road, at close to midnight, in the dark! Mandy was freaking out. She couldn’t get a hold of her mother. So Carla decided, oh so smartly, that maybe we could walk up the deserted road, towards the deserted main road and try to find a signal. I agreed because I was so smart in 2015, but Mandy started talking about how dangerous it could be, because it was dark and scary. We reassured her and then we headed off.

It started to drizzle harder and I was honestly enjoying the rain after the hot plate fiasco. Carla is also fine because she is  horror movie freak, but Mandy is too close to doing a number two in her pants. Because I was such a nice person I decided to comment on how much like a horror movie it felt like, because of the eerie  silence and Mandy’s phone only having one battery bar left. We kept on checking our phone signals and there was seriously no signal. Mandy tried her mom, over and over while freaking out every time that she didn’t get an answer. She then started mumbling about how she was going to die, how much she loved her parents, how sheshe would be kidnapped and killed, while Carla and I were dying of laughter. She was thinking of the worst of outcomes, but to be honest I was thinking about them too, but I did not say them aloud.

So we arrived to a road fork (?) and we had two options. Go left or right. I saw lightlight on the right and we decide to go there, thinking that maybe we could find a signal there. It was the restaurant that I mentioned earlier. So even though we were getting closer to the light (because that is always a good idea in the horror movies) the signal was still very weak. So for some reason or another (my memory sucks, I can’t remember) we go back down the road.

Mandy’s phone battery dies and then all hell breaks lose. Carla tells Mandy that she can come home with her, and Mandy sort of agrees. She couldn’t help but ask, “If I go with you I won’t wake up as a slave in a foreign country right?No offence.”I just couldn’t help myself. That was just awesome. Mandy was starting to lose it.

Some mighty spirit decided to overcome me and told me to look at my phone, and guess what? There were two bars (not the battery, it’s time was almost up). Mandy was overjoyed as she tried to call her mother, but she did not answer. So the panicking just began all over again. While Mandy was panicking, Carla was telling us that maybe we could go hitch hike. At midnight! In the rain! In the darkness! On a deserted road! She still did not get it.

Carla tried to call her dad with my phone and he answered. We were overjoyed. Mandy followed us back to the venue, because it was seriously starting to feel too much like a horror movie. As we were going down a car slowed down besides us and the first person I saw was the head chef, and then Mandy’s mom. Mandy was overjoyed. She hugged us before she left. Probably grateful that she did not have to go sleep in a stranger’s home.

We also left a while later, not before laughing about the situation. That day, was honestly one of the best adventures that I had ever had. Not scary, but funny. Something that got my heart beating  quicker than it ever had before.

But think about it, being in a horror movie? With a paranoid person, a horror movie freak who fears nothing, and me!

Your thoughts.

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