Messiah, Boris Starling — Book Review


Okay, so for the first time ever I’m actually doing what a ‘Good Tale Lover‘ should be doing. I read a book and now I am reviewing it.

So let’s start!

Name: Messiah
Author: Boris Starling
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Year of publication: 1999

If I were given the option to read the book again, I wouldn’t. Not because it’s a bad read, but because the suspense is too nerve wrecking and the end got me a bit emotional.

It’s the first psychological thriller that I have read in (I think) ever. I was a bit sceptical about it, given that I am not in love with reading about people being killed. But some chapters in and I couldn’t stop.

The book is about Detective Superintendent Red Metcalfe, who is celebrated for his ability to be able to get into the killer’s mind and in that way solves the crime. A new killer comes to light, one they call Silver Tongue because of his signature of putting silver spoons in the mouthand taking the tongues of the victims. He is so far the only killer that Red cannot understand and it is starting to go to Red’s head. He starts thinking about his past and from there the story unrevels into a literary work of art.

The chapters were just as I like them, short and sweet, which actually made me read much more than I would have any other time. It would be midnight and I will be like: “The next chapter has just three pages, I’ll read it and then go to sleep.” That will also be me four chapters in and fifteen minutes later.

The beginning chapters were not for me, honestly. I was already sceptical about it being a psychological thriller that having a dead body described and explained so that it can be forever implanted in my mind in the very beginning made me want to stop, put the book away, and carry on to the next book. It actually took me a couple of weeks to go through the first few chapters. My sister started laughing at me about it because I used to take less than a week to read books as big as this one.

But after reading through the first torturous chapters and the plot started to thicken, I just couldn’t stop. I wanted to find out who was the sick psycho that was Silver Tongue, and why he was killing the innocent. Every new theory that they came up with got my toes curling in anticipation.

Reading about how exhausted and how irritated the characters were about the whole case and knowing how desperate they were to find the merciless killer also made me desperate to find out who it was.

And then when I did find out, I won’t say that I expected it, because I didn’t. I started to realise it later, before the main character did and I started tearing up, because that was the biggest plot twist that I had ever come across.

I mean if it was possible, my mind would have exploded because of how mind boggling the anti-climax was. I was at the point where I was sitting at the edge of my seat, biting my nails anxious. Until the end. Then I just wanted to burn the book because it could have ended in a much better way. You know, in a happy ending kinda way.

But all in all, I loved the book. It was a good read, which even though caused me to cry and scream in frustration, I still loved it in the end (I mean after complaining about it and accepting it’s fate).

If you are looking for something to keep you on your toes until the very end, then Messiah might just be the book for you.


Your thoughts.

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