Being Human


So I found this very interesting sentence on Pinterest (because Pinterest is life) and it made me think.

When I am angry, I tend to become a ticking time bomb. I mean, recently I have learnt to tone myself down and channel all of my anger into the penetrating glares that I give to those who have upset thee (just used that in a sentence, three cheers for me!)

Most of the time when I am angry with someone, I just glare and then walk away, leaving them feeling like I have something else planned. I just go to my room, shut the door and then leave everyone to think about what they just did. Reverse psychology, I reckon.

Honestly, once I got angry and said some really mean things to my little sister. They were not too mean, but I knew that she still took them to heart. I regretted it. I hated myself for a few minutes, and with the pride I couldn’t even go apologise properly.

That is why, usually when I am upset, I just go sit alone until I calm down. It’s like when you are fighting with someone (verbally, of course), you come up with all the mean things to say to that person. All the things that you know will hurt them just so that you can feel victorious.

So let’s say you do say those things. How would you feel afterward? Would you be happy about yourself ? (I mean if you would, sorry. Carry on to the next post.) I wouldn’t. I would be so guilty that I wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night. If you are not that type of person, then good for you, but most people do feel regret. Most people do want to go apologise but are held back by their pride.

It is human nature.

We are human. Never forget that.

We say and do things that we will most likely regret, and then do it again and again and again. It’s a non-ending cycle of stupid, really.

So my advise for you today (if you have read ‘til this far) is stop and think. Think about what you are going to say. Yes, you are angry. Yes, the person is an idiot that was raised in Stupid Ville, but think about how they are going to feel. Think about how you will feel.

You are human. You also have emotions. You also know how it would feel like if someone told you what you were about to tell that person.

Stop and think. Don’t hurt others for your own temporary satisfaction. It’s not worth it. Not for you. Not for the other person.

We are all human. Remember that.

Your thoughts.

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