Rainy with a chance of suffering

I love rain. I love how rain makes the flowers grow and how it helps the rivers stay running. I love how it keeps us cool and… Okay, that’s about it.

I do love rain, until it comes unexpectedly. I left my umbrella because I believed that it would not rain. I mean, there were a few clouds in the sky. The sun was out!

And then all of a sudden, the monstrous showers could be heard from inside our windowless building. So now as I am sitting here, I am praying that the rain stops and the sun comes out. I am grateful for the rain and all the good it has done for us. But if it persists then I will have no choice but to run home.

I mean, I could stay in school for a while, but it’s Friday and I want to go to my flat and binge watch series.

(Where is the shaking head, depressed emoji when you need one? Sigh.)

It’s been a while since I posted, so I was just passing through.

It’s almost the weekend… Technically, it is the weekend. I hope everyone can have a great time and beware of the rain. Always have an umbrella by your side. Because I swear the rain is out to get me.

Logging out,


Your thoughts.

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