Gtl Prompt #2

Imagine managing to go back in time and unexpectedly meet your parents.

Are they what you expected them to be? Are they better or worse? Did they already know each other? Or do you find out that your mother was dating the exact opposite of your dad?

Really, be creative. Think about Back to the future (one of my favourite movies of all  time).

How did you get to the past? You went to the bathroom at the mall and when you come out it’s 1972? What about getting into the closet (Narnia style) and coming out twenty years ago, before you were born. Or maybe driving to the past! There is so much to be written about. Be creative, be spontaneous.

I’d like to read the story if anyone writes about it. Please just mention me in the post, tag #gtl, or just comment a link to the post.

Have a lovely day

Your thoughts.

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