Heart. Life source. Alway and forever.

This was inspired by a story prompt, or rather, an idea I found on the pin of trest (stop me).

I wanted to write about how sad and depressed I was feeling, but the wifi started acting up and well… I’ll write a story instead.

This was inspired by a story prompt, or rather, an idea I found on the pin of trest (stop me).

It is about person A going into a coma and B not being allowed to go in because of fam probs. B overhears that they will be turning off A’s life support and sneaks in, closing off the doors. Sounds dramatic. Sounds tear jerking. Really, just sounds like my type of thing.

Here we go!

I pulled on my hair, tears rushing down my cheeks. Why was that happening? He was a good guy. How could he just…collapse? I couldn’t even take proper breaths.

Pacing. It never really helped. I was just walking around, making the problem feel way worse that it actually was. Actually, I did not even know how bad the situation was. They did not want to tell.

Are you family? We can only tell you if you are family. We’re sorry.

I wanted to scream. To shout. To destroy something. I couldn’t, though. I was in a hospital. I was not supposed to.

I heard them before they entered. His parents. Mostly, his mother. She was worried, as parents should be when their child randomly passed out and stopped breathing for a while.

I paused, and so did they when they noticed me. They quickly looked away, carrying on their way. To see their son. I forgot to mention, they hated me. They despised me and my very existence. Finding out that their son was in the hospital, and that he became in the state that he was in while he was with me was probably killing them.

They would blame me. I blamed me. He had been with me, after all.

I watched them as they walked to the doctor. They spoke for a while and then they were led to the ICU. The place that I was not allowed to go because I was not family.

His father went out a while later. He glanced at me, his eyes bright with unshed tears. He seemed to be thinking about something. He shook his head and then walked away. I wanted to run to him. Ask him what was happening.

I couldn’t, though.

The last time I tried speaking to him… I won’t have that happen again. I couldn’t. We were in the hospital and my boyfriend–no fiancé now is in the ICU.


I fell onto my knees as I let the tears fall. Why didn’t they want to tell me?

I’m sorry. I cried. I’m sorry.

I was sorry that I was the person that I was. I was sorry that I got him to get hated by his parents. I was sorry that I did not have a family and that disgusted his parents. I was sorry that I was just a lousy barista.

I was trying. I was trying to make something of myself after I lost everything because of my step mother. My typically evil step mother who took everything after my father died, because he had already disowned me anyways. She was the typical disgustingly evil step mother who’d do anything for her children, but nothing for her husband’s only child. She made him turn his back on me, made him hate me.

I couldn’t lose another person that I cared for. I couldn’t. But there was nothing that I could do but watch from a distance.

Two days passed. I didn’t leave. I couldn’t leave. How could I when I could get a chance to see him when he is removed from the ICU`? His parents passed by me most of the time. They only glanced and then kept on walking, looking cleaner every time they passed.

I left. He couldn’t see me the way that I was when he woke up. He wouldn’t be pleased. He’d be upset. So I left. I bathed. I changed my clothes and I heated up noodles in the microwave to have in the meantime. The house was a mess. It’s been two days and it instead looked like it had been two years. Having him in mind, I cleaned up. He would’t be pleased.

I could just imagine him cutely scrunching up his face and then going about tidying up. It took a while, but when I was done I actually smiled. He would be happy when he got there. And then I made my trip back to the hospital.

Life support. Those two words were the reason that I ended up eavesdropping on his parents and his doctor. I saw them, but did not want to listen. I did not want to be even more disrespectful than they thought I was. But those words. Thos two words. They caused me to stop on my tracks and listen.

He’s suffering, right now. We’re forcing him to stay alive, aren’t we? His father asked the doctor.

I’m sorry. The doctor said, sorrow dripping from his tone.

Then we will do it. This is what he would have wanted. His mother let out a soft sob at his father’s words.

I froze. They were going to kill him? The only light in my life. The only person that showed me that life was worth living? They would be killing him? I shook my head as I heard their footsteps walking away. I slid down on the wall as the tears fell, harder than they have before, down my cheeks.

My heart. My life source. Will you be my always and forever? He had asked me as I looked at the watch in the box in my hands.

A watch? I skeptically looked at him, with a raised brow. I could see the real diamonds around the frame of the watch. A diamond watch.

Because rings are too cliche, don’t you think? He chuckled. Also, you’re always late.

The best day of my life only a few days from the worst day of my life.


I won’t let that happen. I couldn’t let that happen. He needed more time. I could help him. I will be there for him. I will help him.

I stood up from my spot and headed for the ICU. I’ve heard his parents talking before. I knew his room number, I just needed to find a way to get in. He needed me.

So it was not as easy to get into the ICU as I thought. There were doctors everywhere and it was even harder to try to sneak in. I got seen a couple of times, but I managed to go past them all. I was determined to not lose him. His parents did not even give him time to recover. I hated how little faith they had. For parents, they easily gave up hope. For the parents of the only man that has taken me out of a dark place. They truly gave up easily.

I was standing in front of his bed. I felt my cheeks get wetter as I looked at him. He had a lot of machines connected to him. I stopped myself from sobbing, in fear of being discovered by the nurses.

“Don, hi.” I stopped myself from being too loud. I gently put my hand in his, scared that I would hurt him. “What happened? Why are you like this?” I looked at his face. If he did not have the oxygen mask and the many machines connected to him, I would have said that he looked like he was sleeping. “Please, wake up. If you don’t… If you don’t…” Then it happened. I let out a sob. I put my hand over my mouth, stopping the inevitable sobs. “I need you. I can’t lose you. Without you, I don’t know what I would do.” I shut my eyes and turned around. No longer able to bear seeing him so helpless.

My eyes widened when I saw his parents walking towards the room through the window. They were walking with a doctor behind them. They turned and looked inside. When their eyes met mine, their emotions changed. His father’s look turned regretful, while his mother’s turned into disgust.

The door opened, that was his mother. She marched towards me. I took steps backward until I hit his bed.

“You are not allowed to be here.” She sneered. She stopped before she was too close to me. “Get out!”

I shook my head. Not wanting to leave. I did not want to let them kill him.

“I’m sorry. I can’t allow you to kill him.” She was shocked, but then her face twisted into anger. She took a step towards me, but the firm hold of her husband’s hand stopped her.

“Not here.” He softly said. “Just let him say goodbye.”

“This unholy boy? You want the person that has turned your son into a sinner to be there during our son’s last hours?” She sounded betrayed as she glared up at her husband.

“Honey, please, not today.” He pulled her away and I was internally grateful. He looked down at me and nodded, before he turned around and pushed his wife out of the room. The doctor followed behind them.

I breathed out a sad breath. I turned to look at him again. I held onto his hand. What was I supposed to do? I had not planned anything. I just snuck in in hopes of him waking to my voice. How stupid was that?

“I’m sorry. I’m…”

The door opened and I turned around. Two male nurses were standing at the door.

“It’s time for you to leave now.” One of them said. I shook my head.

“No.” I held on tighter onto his hand. “You can’t do this. No.” Don’s father walked in and I pleadingly looked at him. He shook his head and averted his gaze. “You didn’t even give him a chance.”

“Sir, you have to leave or else we’ll have to remove you forcefully.” The one nurse said. I shook my head, even when they both held onto me and started pulling me away.

“No. Don!” I shouted as I tried to to get out of the hold of the nurses. They couldn’t do that. They couldn’t just kill someone after a few days of them being in a coma. “You say that I am a sinner, when you are the ones who are about to kill their son.”

“Adam, just go quietly.” His father said, but I couldn’t do as he said. I couldn’t just let him get killed.

I couldn’t.

“Let…him…go.” Everyone paused. I looked at Don and the oxygen mask that was on his face was no longer there. His face was turned towards me. His eyes closed again before the machine behind him started beeping rapidly.

The nurses that had the strong hold on me let go and paid attention to Don. I fell to the ground and landed on my knees. He was just awake. He had looked at me. I watched as a doctor ran in and also helped the nurses.

A few minutes? Maybe seconds? It did not take long before his heart was beating normally again. The doctor left and so did one of the nurses. The other nurse moved away and I could see his face. He was staring at me again. He smiled.

“Adam, come.” He said. I shakily stood up from the spot that I was at and slowly walked to the bed. The nurse glanced at me and then behind me, probably at Don’s father. He held out his hand and took mine from it’s limp position on my side. “My heart. My life source.” He took in a deep breath. “My always and forever. I’m sorry.” He put my hand against his lips. “I’m sorry.”

The best thing is listening to someone’s heartbeat and know that it beats like that because of you.

I would like everyone’s opinions. I think it went well. I mean, I was contemplating killing Don, but that would upset me more that it would Adam, so instead I made him live.

And I like the character of Adam so much. His back story, even though I did not delve much into it, and his personality. As I was writing this, I was thinking about writing a novel from this. From Adam’s early days of coming out, to him meeting Don.

What do you guys think? If I do write the novel, I will most likely post it on Wattpad, or post it here on the blog and give it it’s own page. Sounds good?


Thanks for reading.


Your thoughts.

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