9 as in the number of times that I had asked my girlfriend out before she agreed

She called me a loser about 8 times.

She rolled her eyes 7 times

She gave me a disapproving look 6 times

She glared at me 5 times

She ignored me 4 times

She laughed at my futile attempts 3 times

She smiled at me 2 times

She agreed to go out with me 1 time

As you might have noticed already, getting her to like me back was hard. Or rather, getting her to admit that she liked me back was the difficult part. She told me later on that she had liked me from the beginning, but found it hard to trust me because I had that face. That’s laughable because at the time I did not know what it meant.

I still don’t know what it means.

It was most likely the friends that I used to have back then. They were a bad influence. Caused me to do all sorts of bad stuff, according to my girlfriend anyway. The only good thing that came out of that friendship was betting them that I could get the neighbourhood prude to like me back. She was not happy when she found out what we used to call her, but she got over it. She chose to stay.

With a guy that would be dying in a short while.

What a shame. I even begged for her love and then I was going to leave her. Ironic really.

Your thoughts.

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