Gtl Prompt #4

Write about the one thing that helps you keep calm and your worst fear.


It’s the weekend! Woo!

In GTL Land there will be writing this weekend. If you are feeling any type of writer’s block, or you just need something to write for the time being, then you are at the right place.

Write about the one thing that helps you keep calm and your worst fear.

Use these two things to write your story. It’s the weekend and you are resting. I’m sure a story about the two can be easily written.

It does not have to be forced. For example; I hate spiders and their very existence, and I use coffee to calm my nerves. Imagine if after a long day of almost murdering my teammates who seem to not know the term team, I come home and make a cup of coffee. I start drinking and then later realise that there is a spider in my cup!

In real life I would die, believe me. But this is a story. Make it fun and interesting to read. Make it any genre that you feel comfortable writing about.

Please comment the link to your story if you decide to write about it, or tag it with #gtl.

Happy weekend all!


Your thoughts.

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