Gtl Prompt #5

I came up with the most interesting thought while I was writing a new story.

Imagine that you wake up from a coma. What is the first app that you would check on your phone?

It sounds funny, but let’s be honest. If a lot of us went into comas, when we woke up we’d most likely look for our phone to try to find out how many missed calls we had.
“What? A month? I have been in a coma for a month? Imagine all the Facebook notifications I missed.”

Lol. Seriously though. Write a story about your reaction to waking up from a long coma. Maybe you find your phone not there and you freak out because before you went into said coma bae promised to call you. Really people, have fun with this.

If you choose to write about it please tag #gtl or leave a comment of your story below.
Happy writing all!


Your thoughts.

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