English restrictions | Gtl writing tips

My mother tongue is not English and for the last four years of high school I was in a school where English was not the first language either. But I don’t let that stop me from writing great stories.

I always read my stories at least twice before I publish them anywhere. And sometimes there are still errors! That’s why even after publishing, I still regularly go back and read my stories because mistakes are probably still there.

When readers point my mistakes out, I am more than happy because they did not keep quiet about them. It’s better than leaving the readers to struggle with the mistakes alone.

I’ve seen a lot of Wattpadians having a lot of mistakes on their descriptions and even more on the inside and then think that they will be given mercy if they write something like: “English is not my first language.”

It’s an excuse, but not a good one. Unless you are from Canada,  USA, the UK or Australia, there is a small chance that English is your first language. So that means that more than half of the writers worldwide are not even English! Gobsmacking, right?

This is to all the writers out there. Try to edit your books as much as possible. Reread, reread, reread. Don’t stop editing. Make the readers praise your writing and make them come back for more. English not being your first language is not a disability, so let’s stop using it for bad writing guys.

If you feel like your English is not good enough then try finding someone who is good in English and ask them to help you.

Help. As in after you’ve tried your best at editing yourself. And then when you feel that you’ve edited (more than twice, seriously) and you still feel like your work needs help, then go ask for help. It won’t make you any less if a writer.

On Wattpad there are clubs. You can start your own club on the category that you are writing about (e.g. fantasy) and name it accordingly (e.g. Need Editor) and then people with the expertise will come to you. Even on the Amino App there are many communities where you can ask for help. If anything, I’m sure you can find an Editors Amino if you try hard enough.

Here are the communities that help me tons with my writing: Wattpad Amino, Writer’s Amino and Books and writing Amino.

They are all pretty helpful and if you post a blog (as well written as possible) asking for help editing your story/blogs then you are bound to find someone.

Google is a goldmine. Use that when all else fails and try not to get scammed.

This is a rant slash advice blog. I hope writers find it useful and stop making the “English-not-my-mother-tongue” excuse. It’s getting really hard for me not to cringe and scroll away from what I was about to read.

Happy writing my fellow writers. If this offended anyone, well…


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