I woke up in battle mode. Ready to attack anyone and anything that could be of danger to me.

I couldn’t remember anything, you see. I just woke up in a room that did not seem to have windows, in a white dress and memoryless. I was scared at first until I realised that that is not who I am. Or rather, it is not who I felt that I was. I was courageous and faced problems head on. I… I also…

Having looked around the room, I found nothing that could be used to protect myself. So I thought that I’d used a much used approach. Fight. Did I even know how to fight?

The door opened and, instinctively, I took a step back.

“Heard you were awake,” a man with a moustache walked in. He wore an expensive black suit with a light pink shirt and dark pink tie. Quite a pink guy. His accent was strange. I will leave it at that.

“Don’t come any closer.” I warned, getting ready to attack if he did not find me intimidating enough.

He smiled.

“How cute,” I frowned at his choice of words, “now calm down, Dawn. You just woke up.” I frowned, but stood more at ease. He took a step closer to me and I took one back.

“Who are you?” I venomously asked and he paused, seeming shocked.

“You don’t remember me?” He chuckled. “Poor girl,” he frowned, “why do things like this always happen to you?”

“Why doesn’t this room have any windows?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Incompetent architectures.” He sighed and turned around. “Let’s go now, you need to change out of that.” He started walking away, but I stood there.

“I don’t trust you,” the guy sighed, turned around and then annoyedly looked at me.

“Dawn, darling, that’s the first thing you told me when we first met.” I frowned. “Okay, let me be honest. We are in grave danger, mostly you. You need to be protected and if you do not follow me, your fate might be worse than memory loss.” He started walking again and that time I followed him. “Good girl.” He said, more like he was talking to his dog.

I sneered, but held myself back when I noticed the three security guards that had not even bothered getting in the room before. Why did one man need three body guards? Was that not his house?

I examined the house. Looked at where I was. The way that we were going and the little things to remember when I decided to escape. The house was quite fancy. If anything, it reminded me of a castle. I smiled. How great that I remembered what a castle was and not my name. How wonderful life worked.

The man started speaking, but not to me. Rather the bodyguards around us.

“Commence with the lock down. Now that Dawn is awake, X is sure to make an entrance.”

“X?”I asked, but got no answer. One of the guards left and went the opposite direction as us. “Who is X?” I asked in a much firmer tone.

“No memory,” I froze. The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere, but not from either one of us, “what a shame. Rescuing you will be hard if you don’t even know your good ol’ partner, X.”

The man froze and stood closer to me. The guard did the same.

“Where is that coming from?” He asked.

“G-27 and G-4 are trying to find the source of the sound,” the guard said, “but…” The guard fell and I took a step back so that he wouldn’t fall on me.

“What is happening?” I asked, but did not get an answer, not from the one conscious man that was with me.

“This is me rescuing you, Nameless. Don’t worry, this will take only a couple of minutes.” X spoke and then suddenly we were enveloped in darkness.

A strong body held onto me and I tried to move away.

“Turn the lights on. Now!” The man who was holding me said. He was also the man who claimed that he was protecting me.

“Na-ah,” X said, laughing, “not until I am done.” He sounded closer, much closer.

“Ow!” The man shrieked and then let go of me.

The lights went on and I was wrapped in another embrace. My body suddenly started going up and I realised that the person who was holding me had a rope tied onto him and we were being lifted up to the ceiling where there was a hole.

At the moment I could only see his strange purple eyes.

“Don’t let them get away!” The man shouted, but his voice seemed far away as I stared into the person’s eyes. He grinned at me.

“Hello, Nameless, I’m X. Your loyal partner.”

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