Gtl Prompt #7

Your house keys are missing!

You get back home from work and you realise that you left your keys in the office. You are freaking out because it is late at night and finding a taxi is going to be difficult, also your office is locked.

Write about what you will do, who you will call or if you will be spending the night outside, fending yourself from the blood suckers (mosquitos, don’t fret) all night long.

Be creative. You don’t have to just write about being stuck outside, but you can write about your adventure at that creepy motel that you had to stay in, because it was the closest to your flat. Or maybe write about meeting a handsome stranger as you were booking a room for the night at the hotel. Or maybe this will be the perfect opportunity to sleep over at your crush’s house. You have no other choice, remember.

Your thoughts.

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