X told me to run, so I did just that.We were on another floor of the house. X ran first and I followed behind.

Could I trust him? Maybe.

Why did I trust him? Because the other guy made me want to cringe away and X made me curious.

But curiosity killed the cat.

“Don’t stop running!” He shouted as he opened the door and went up the stairs. A gunshot was heard and I instinctively ducked. “Don’t worry. It’s me they want to murder. They need you alive.”

As life would have it, as soon as he said that there was another gunshot and it hit the back of my leg. I staggered and let out a cry. X looked back. I was leaning onto the wall, extensive pain spreading over my leg.

“Did not see that coming.” He said as he turned around and helped me get on his back. He then carried on with his unending sprint.

“You said they wouldn’t shoot me!” I complained, my leg getting even worse.

“I said that they won’t kill you. They just wanted to slow us down.” I looked behind us and the gunned men were catching up. “Okay, just close your eyes for a bit.”

“Why?” I stubbornly asked.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” He shouted before his speed started inhumanly increasing. There was a large window in front of us.

“X, X!” I shut my eyes when we were closer to the window. I waited for the crash and the long fall to my death, but instead heard the goomp of X landing on a carpeted surface.

I opened my eyes and we were inside a helicopter. There was someone on the front seat. The pilot, I was guessing. X let go of me and I sat down, taking in deep breaths. I looked up and my eyes widened at the sight in front of me. A convertible helicopter. Story of my life. The helicopter roof then closed. I then glared at X.

“You jerk!” I screamed and he chuckled, sitting down. The helicopter then flew away.

“I did tell you to shut your eyes. We broke the window when we first got there and put a hologram in its place. Drago’s goons were too stupid to even notice.” He said taking out a cellphone and then typing on it.

I looked at the building that I was in. A large building, that on the outside looked nothing like a castle. More like a mental hospital. It was surrounded by a green veld and game was grazing on the grass.

“Drago?” I curiously asked finally looking away from the building.

“The creepy guy with the moustache.” He looked back up at me. “His name is Dragomir Yankov, Bulgarian and hates when I call him Drago.”

“He called me Dawn.” I said, thinking back.

“That was your name while you were engaged to him.” I scowled.

“Engaged?” X chuckled.

“Don’t worry. You’re not anymore.” He looked back at his phone when it buzzed. “What do you actually remember, Nameless?”

“Why am I Nameless?” He chuckled again.

“That’s what you wanted. You did not want to be tied to the past.”

“So I erased my name?” I asked. X shook his head, a smile on his face.

“You erased yourself from existence.”

We were enveloped by silence as the information sunk in. He then glanced at me.

“Isn’t your leg hurting?” Confused, I shook my head.

He lifted my leg and put it on his lap.


“Still so fussy.” He stated, looking at my leg. He then made a displeased face. “A tracker.”

“Remove it.” He looked up at me frowning.

“If I try to remove it now, I might kill you.”

My eyes widened. “What?”

“That’s why it hurt so much at first. It was getting itself planted into your body.” I looked at him and he smiled reassuringly.

“You don’t seem to remember much,” he said, removing my leg from on top of him, “so I will have to reassure you for now. We know people. We will find someone to take out that tracker. For the time being we will have to move frequently and stay in public places. Also, Drago’s scientists suck, so if we go underground he won’t be able to track us.” I nodded.

“So where are we going now?” He grinned.

“Where it all begin. Jo’burg.”

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