6 as in the number of times I hung up before I let the phone ring all the way

I wanted to tell my parents. I wanted them to know that they would be outliving their son. I wanted to congratulate them for staying so healthy and not getting strange diseases that did not cut their lives short unexpectedly.

I wanted them to know that I was sorry for being a bad child. For smoking and drinking. Stealing, bullying other kids. Gosh, I had been a bother before I was faced with death.

I wanted to apologise for inconveniencing them because they would be paying for my funeral seeing that I still did not have life cover. Another thing that my girlfriend needed to scold me about. Not getting life cover.

But does anyone ever think that they would be dying before they are thirty?

I mean, there were people who died much younger. So maybe I complained a lot. Maybe I was just ungrateful. I had lived a longer life than some people could say.

A quarter of a century. Wow. I had lived for such a long time…

Your thoughts.

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