I was offered water. I did not take it.

X kept on glancing my way and then at his phone. I just looked outside the window, not actually sure where I was going. They could be lying. I could have gotten into a convertible helicopter that could lead me to my death.

Without noticing, I fell asleep. My head on the window too. I probably dreamt about my past and who I actually was. When I woke up I did not remember anything. Just like when I opened my eyes for the first time.

I blinked a couple of times. I then sat up. I was in a strange room again. I sat up and looked around. A side desk with a note and the name Nameless, carefully written, on it.

Still glancing around, to be sure if I should trust my surroundings, I opened the letter.

Didn’t want to wake you up. Come join me for dinner.


I got out of bed. I was wearing a different dress. Powder blue. Did I change into it myself? Confused, but also determined not to die, I walked out of the room.

He was not sitting far, X. He was across from me on the dining area table. He looked up when he heard the door open. He then smiled.


“You changed my clothes?” He was confused. He smiled after a while of thinking.

“I did, Nameless. No big deal.”

“It is a big deal!” I said irritably. “I don’t know you.”

“Of course you do.” He pulled the chair next to me back and then nodded. “Now stop shouting at me and come eat. We have to go out later.”

Reluctantly, I walked to the table. I pulled the chair away from X and then sat down. He smiled amusedly at my actions.

“When your memory returns, you’ll be laughing at your actions.” He said, taking a bite of his sandwich. I pulled the plate of food toward me as well.

“Where’s the pilot?” I asked.

“Home. He cannot be tracked, so he left us here.”

“So, how are we going to move around?” X smirked.

“We’ll walk. Like it was intended.” I frowned. I did not even know what Johannesburg looked like. I also had a sandwich and juice. “We’ll start at the park,”

“Park?” I asked. X nodded.

“It’s at the other side of the city. There we’ll meet someone who claims to know about your memory loss.” I bit into my sandwich. Chicken?


He nodded.

“Yes,” I nodded, thoughtfully chewing my sandwich.

“Do you know the person?”


“Did anyone tell you about him?”


I looked at him and my questions had also made him thoughtful.

“Then how did you find out about him?”

“Online,” the helicopter pilot, “I googled cure for amnesia and he popped up.”

“Okay.” I said carrying on with my eating. X looked at me.

“Do you doubt him?”

“A bit, but I have amnesia. So, I’ll trust that you know what you are doing.” X was silent the whole time that we ate.

He, obviously, finished his food before I did and then left. Rude. He came back after I was done eating, looking like he had just discovered gold.

“I was naive.” He said taking in deep breathes. It made me wonder where he actually was. “Of course I should not just believe that he is the good guy. So, I will go alone…”

“Get shot and die alone.” He cleared his throat.

“I guess you don’t need your memory to make me feel bad.” He said and then looked into my eyes. “I was not finished. You will be in a SUV with Aaron. I will be wehe held out an earpiece the same shade as his skin, “and the two of you will be listening. I will also wear the shirt with the camera button. So that way you will be watching me.”

“Okay.” I nodded. “Who is Aaron?” I asked. X chuckled, running his hand through his hair.

“I never told you, have I? He’s the go-to guy when we need a third person.” I nodded again. Smiling, like I understood what he meant.

“Great. What do we do, really? Why haven’t you explained everything? Shirts with camera buttons? Skin coloured earpieces? Are we spies or something?”

X chuckled and then nervously sat down. He looked at me and then took a hold of my hands. I removed them, too angry to want to be touched. He sighed, looked away and then back at me.

“I really did not want to tell you because you seemed to have lost your memory. I mean,” he struggled to say what he wanted to say, “you don’t have your memory. Your intuition is good, though. You are still as cautious as you were before, so I’m guessing that telling you won’t make you freak out or anything.”

“You’re rambling,”

He sighed. “We are not spies. We are not involved with anything government related.”

“They what do we do?”

“We punish those who have sinned.”

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