“Then what do we do?”

“We punish those who have sinned.”

I smiled. “In a religious way?” I wasn’t smiling because I was amused. I was smiling because I was confused. Looking at him and how serious he was, caused me to get even more confused.

“No. There is nothing religious about what we do.” He shrugged. “People ask us to take care…”

“Kill?” X shook his head.

“We don’t kill. We never kill. Just ruin them or make them regret whatever bad they have done. It is, in a way, like being spies, but we do not work for the big companies. We work for ourselves.”

“Just us?”

“And Aaron, Abdul and some other extras who specialise in their own stuff.”

“Why…” I looked at X, frowning, “Why do we do it?”

“It’s what you wanted.” I groaned and then stood up.

“I seem to be much different than I believed.”

X stood up as well and then held onto my hands.

“What do you…” I moved my hands away.

“Stop touching me!” He nodded and held his hands behind his back.

“Sorry. Force of habit. What did you believe?”

I chuckled and looked around, but not at X.

“That I was not a spy. I believed that I had a name and that I did not acquaint myself with people who had alphabets for names.” I cried, almost glaring at him.

“You gave me that name.”

“Why?” I clenched my fists. “Why do I name people and… and start operations that punish sinners? What kind of person was I really?”

X started beeping, causing me to frown. He took out his cellphone and then pressed it. The beeping stopped.

“We have to go now. Aaron is downstairs.”


Aaron was a tall guy. He towered over me. He also towered over X. He had no hair on his head, just on his face. I did not comment on his look, nor did I comment on his outfit. Pyjamas. I mean a black jumpsuit. He bowed his head when he saw me. I smiled and did not mention how crept out I felt.

At the moment we were in his car, watching from the tablet in his hand. I yawned and lay my head on the seat. X and the men were busy talking about a lot of things that I felt uninterested about.

I glanced outside the window and saw an Asian man crouching behind the bush where X and the strange man were sitting. I looked closer and scowled when I saw something shine in the light. It was something that he was removing from his bag. At that time, I decided to glance at the tablet. The man-grey haired, dark eyes, needed to loose some weight-glanced at the bush. It was distinct, unnoticeable even. Rolling my eyes I got out of the car.

“Where are you going?” Aaron whispered. I did not look back at him, but just kept on walking.

I clenched my fists. The man took out whatever was shining in the light of the sun. A gun. Lovely.

“Hey, you!” I shouted, causing the man to look up. His eyes widened and he pointed the gun at me. I grinned, not knowing where the confidence had come from.

“Shoot me. I dare you.” Maybe I was a crazy person while I still had my memory.

He stood up and pointed the gun. His hands were shaking, a clear sign that he probably won’t be sooting me. He took a step back, but my legs seemed longer and I was faster. I kicked the gun out of his grip. His eyes widened and he ran. I easily caught up (due to my lovely long legs) and jumped on him. Both of us fell. I was on top of him, so he cushioned the fall for me.

I held onto his ears and pulled. He screamed.

“Nameless,” that was Aaron, “how the hell did you notice that guy?”

I shrugged. “Where’s the other guy?” I asked.

“Gone. He heard his friend scream and then made a run for it.”

I scoffed. “Coward.”

“Nameless,” that was X, “I’ll take him to the car. We’ll be able to question him better there.”

I got off the man. Of course, not before I pulled his ears one last time. He yelped, causing me to smile in pleasure. Gosh, I was probably evil. Did I care? Not really. That was too fun.

I smiled at Aaron when I went to stand next to him. He raised an amused brow at me.

“That was fun.”

“Are you sure you lost your memory?” He asked, chuckling.


“He said that you would catch me if I tried to sneak up on you.” The man said in a Japanese accent.

“He?” I asked, but the man seemed to pay no attention to me.

“He said that even if Nameless no remember, she will catch me. Should have listened.” He was so annoying. I took the gun in Aaron’s hands and put it against his forehead.

“Tell me who he is or I press the trigger.”

“He also told me that you don’t hurt people.” I smirked, before I lowered the gun and pulled the trigger. Hitting his tiny foot. He screamed. I lifted the gun again and pointed to his head. I smiled.

Aaron complained about his car and all the blood. I paid no attention to him.

“What did who say?”


I smiled, but it fell when I saw X’s expression.

“We. Are. Fucked.” He said. Making me wonder who Aizawa-Sensei was.

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