So after throwing the Japanese guy out of the car, Aaron drove us home. He did not say anything about his car. He just kept on begrudgingly looking at me.

I sat, looking out of the window of the car, thinking back to when I shot the man’s foot. Was I that type of person? The type of person to shoot others when she did not get what she wanted. It was, in a way, upsetting knowing that I was like that. I used guns. Probably torture materials too.

I gagged. What else have I done? I shouted for Aaron to stop the car before I leapt out and buckled on the street, emptying my stomach contents.

“Nameless,” X said, jumping out of the car and came to my aid, “you’ve never done that before.”

I think he said that, because after that the world around spun me and then tilted.


Katsu Aizawa. A Japanese billionare. Also, the guy that X claimed hated me.

That led me to somewhat of a conclusion. I had a thing for rich guys.

He did not want me dead. No. No one wanted me dead. they all just wanted to make me suffer. I laughed when X told me that and then went to get a glass of water.

I must have been a terrible person.

After X told me about him and Aaron had left, I decided to go do my own research. On the computer, of course. X was in his bedroom. Most likely sleeping, yet I don’t know why I doubted that. I went to the dining area, which was connected to the lounge and kitchen.

The first thing to pop up was a line of pictures of the guy. Tanned. Grey hair. Wrinkly. Some pictures were of him when he was younger and some were memes. He seemed to be hated by a lot of people too. I opened one site,

Reading through the posts I realised that he used to be in politics. He was apparently corrupt, but because of the power that he had, no one was brave enough to kick him out. So he stayed and angered a whole lot of people in the process.

He cheated on his wife the previous year. Everyone knew about it. I guess, that’s where I came in, because just a few weeks after the scandal bad things started happening to him. He had never had allergies before, but then he suddenly got an allergic reaction to seafood that he had for dinner. He had an affair with a minor, who he claimed told him she was old enough. A video of him was released where he was insulting Americans and anyone else who wasn’t Japanese. After all that drama he was taken off the ministry, after other countries also helped out.

His last speech to Japan was him claiming that whoever ruined his life would pay. He also had a blue eye then. He had been absent from the public eye ever since. No one knew where he was, or if he was even alive. I mean, we knew he was alive, but that was it.
I chuckled. I was going to die.


“We’re moving today. We’ve been here for too long.” X said as he entered my room the following morning. I groaned, pulling the blankets over my head.

He opened the windows. I heard some shuffling and opening of the wardrobe. I opened my eyes and peeped out of the blanket.

“Where are we going?” I asked. He put my suitcase on the bed and opened it.

“Randburg. Thirty minute drive from here.” He started putting my things in the suitcase. “After yesterday, Aaron is still cleaning his car. He’s also mad. I believe that he’s just a baby.”

“I like it here,” I softly said, still trying to wake up, “the breakfast is great.”

“Yes so do I, but I still need you. If you stay here, you will certainly die.”

“What a ray of sunshine you are.” I sat up and stretched my arms, yawning. I hated mornings, especially the waking up part.

I got ready, allowing X to put our stuff in order. I ordered breakfast as well. I was not happy about what we did. I was just happy about the good food we got to eat. I smiled when the waiter arrived and let X do the honours of the tip giving.

“Thanks man,” X said and the waiter left. “Huh, what’s that?” X asked when he looked on the trolly.

I frowned, noticing the white letter with my name-Dawn-on it.

“Do you think he’s found us?” I asked, frowning. X shrugged. He knew that was a possibility. I took the letter and opened it. I smiled. Not because the letter was funny. Not because I was happy. But because I knew that I was going to die and it was just a reflex.

“Lovely.” X said from over my shoulder. “Just what we need. Three people hunting us down.”


Darling, you seem to have forgotten your promise to me. Prancing around town with that Xavier character. Have you no shame?

A tracker has been picked up on my computer and it seems to be attached to you. I’m coming, Love.

Xavier won’t stop me this time.

Your Love, Miguel

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