“Miguel Petit. Don’t be fooled by the name. He is not at all small.” X said as we sat at the back of the taxi that we had called. “He hates your guts. We were called in by his colleagues, who said that he was overstepping his boundaries and he needed to be stopped.”

“Killed?” I asked and X shook his head. I noticed the driver look at us from his rearview mirror.

“No. Never kill. So you went in and acted like a potential love interest. He fell for you and wanted to elope with you. One night you left him, with his hard drive and all of his important files. He’s never actually said anything negative about you, except maybe that he loves you and would kill anyone and everyone that touches you.”

I laughed and then stopped suddenly.

“He’s also rich, Im guessing?”

“Is the CEO of a Spanish company in Southern America.” I nodded, sipping from the water bottle. It was plain. Flavoured would most likely make me sick again.

“Has he ever tried to hurt me?”

“If crazy love can hurt, then too many times for me to count.” X put his hand behind his neck, looking out the window. “He’s a psychopath and rich. Those two combinations never lead to any good.”

“Why don’t you just let them take me?” He looked at me, confused at what I had said. He was scowling. “I’m just some girl who doesn’t even have her memory. We are also not related, are we?”

“Stop talking.” He looked back out the window, much angrier, though.

“It’s true.”

“It’s not.” He looked back at me. “You’re perfect. Even though you can’t remember anything, you care for people. More than you should, really. That’s why you started this ongoing suicide mission. You wanted to help others be happy, because that made you happy as well.”

I looked at him, fuming. I just rolled my eyes and put my hand under my chin, looking outside the window. It was a bit cold, so the window was also clouded.

“You don’t have to shout.” I lowly said. I did not show it, but in reality, I was relieved that he actually wanted me to stay and not send me off to the crazies that wanted me dead.

“You could get killed.” I added, not looking at him.

“You were almost killed for my life.” I looked up at him. His strange purple eyes looked into mine. “I’ll die for you without a second thought.”


“Jase,” X said as he shook the hooded man’s head. I awkwardly smiled. Why did the guy have a hood over his head? What was he hiding?

“I can see just by the way she is looking at me that she can’t remember me. It’s like the first time that she saw me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and he grinned, considering that was the only part of his face I could see.

“Come on. The signal is very weak when you come to this side of town,” meaning the dirty, scary, abandoned, most likely disease infested part, “you’ll be able to stay here a week, tops, without being detected. Sound good?”

“Great.” X replied as he followed behind Jase. I also followed. Mostly because I did not have a choice.

We got into a small door, at the other end of the alley. I glared at it. It was not too small, but the men had to bend their heads to get it. I still followed. I gasped when we got to the inside.

“This does not look like the outside,” I softly said. Jase chuckled. The house looked less dark and horror movie-material on the inside. It was contemporarily decorated, with bright coloured walls and black and white furniture. There were no passages, just three doors and an open plan living area.

“Same reaction,” he said. I frowned at him.

“Careful, she shot a guy in the foot yesterday for not cooperating.” X warned. Jase nodded, impressed.

“I’ll show you to your room.”

“That’s singular.” I stated, feeling that it needed to be pointed out.

“Of course. You’ve done it before.” Jase carelessly said and I scowled at X. He noticed my look and quickly walked closer behind Jase.

Jase opened the door and I scowled. The bed was small, if I could say the least. How were two people supposed to fit in there? And where the hell were the windows? I might have ignored the living area, but I was not about to ignore the bedroom.


“No windows. We are not in the suburbs and we are in hiding.” Jase said. He took off his hood. Short hair. Green eyes. “I’ll leave you two to settle and later we might check that tracking device they have on you.”

“Does everyone know?” I annoyedly asked as I put the suitcase I was holding down. It was small, X’s. Mine was the significantly bigger one that X was holding.

“No.” X replied. Jase left, closing the door. “It’s temporary. I know you’ve never liked Jase’s places, but they are our only hope for now.”

“So Jase is the go-to guy for hiding places?”

“He’s everywhere.” X said as I went to sit down on the bed.

“You’re sleeping on the floor.”

“I was thinking of the sofa, outside, but if you want me that close…”

“Shut up.”

X laughed, moving the luggage to the wardrobe. He also took his a while later.

“How’s the bed?” He asked, sitting next to me.

“You’re sitting on it. You tell me.” He chuckled. He seemed to like it more when I was moody. Creep.

“Are you ready for Jase to check out the device on your leg?”

“Why the hell not?” I stood up, ready to examine the thing that was planted on my leg, which could also, possibly kill me.

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