That’s really planted in there.” The Jase man said.

I was lying down on my new bed, he had insisted, and he sat at the edge of it, to examine the tracker better. I put my head on my folded arms, closing my eyes.

“I know that. It hurts like a bitch when I bath.” I said, my voice sounding a bit muffled.

“Well, you are bathing with something electric in you leg.” I rolled my eyes. He touched it with something.

I ignored him, tired after ten minutes of him commenting about how doomed I was. He pulled and my eyes widened. I shouted out.

“Sorry, sorry. My suggestion.” That was X speaking. I sat up and glared at them both.

“No more.”

Both Jase and X nodded. Jase stood up.

“I’ll go prepare you guys dinner. Relax for a while.”

I still glared at X and he stood up. “I’ll go help him.”

I fell back on the bed after X had closed the door. My leg still hurt from the pulling. I took in a deep breath, dreading the following week to come.


“I’m going hunting.” Jase boomed as I tried to drink in my morning caffeine.

“He means shopping.” X added.

“I mean hunting!”

“At the butchery. Sure buddy.”

“I’m coming.” I added. Staring at the black coffee in my hands. X smiled, shaking his head.

“You can’t. You can be tracked. We cannot.” X said, taking a seat next to me.

“The signal here is weak. Not gone.” I took a slow sip of the coffee. “If you leave me here alone, I will most likely go out on my own.” X hardly bit onto his bottom lip. I sweetly smiled at him.

“Don’t worry. I have two handguns with me and a grenade.” I looked at Jase. He was not wearing a hoodie too.


“You never know when you might need one.” I nodded, my eyes wider than saucers.

What kind of people did I associate myself with?


So we were running. Sprinting, actually. Gunned Japanese men were chasing us. Or as X had called them, the Aizawa crew. So I legit was not going to make it.

We ran through an alley. The men followed. I half laughed, half cried as I started to feel my legs give in.

But my speed picked up when I felt and heard an explosion behind me. I stopped when I realised that X and Jase were no longer running. I turned around and saw all the men on the ground. Passed out. Or dead.

I was taking in deep breaths as I looked at them and then at X, who was giving me an I told you so look. I averted my gaze and started walking back to them. Jase was kneeling next to the unconscious bodies.

“Forgetful bomb.” Jase said, pushing one of the men’s hands with his foot. “They won’t remember anything when they wake up.” He stood up, smiled and then walked to me. “I told you, Nameless, you never know when you’ll need a bomb. Now let’s go shopping. Bustards did not even let us get into the shop.” Jase led the way and I followed, X walking behind me.

“Isn’t shopping just wonderful when you are being hunted by three of the worst people in the world?” Jase was not sarcastic when he spoke. “It just makes it more fun.”

Your thoughts.

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