I groaned. I blinked a couple of times, trying to figure out what was happening. There was smoke all around us and I found it hard to focus my eyes.

“X,” I weakly said, but he did not answer. I tried calling his name again. When he did not answer I started to get up.

X was unconscious on the ground. I crawled to him, seeing that I was still not sure what had happened.

“X,” he still did not reply. Even when I shook him. I coughed, still shaking him. I blinked, when I saw silhouettes walking toward us. It took me a while to realise that they were holding guns and that we might die.

“Hey, can you see them?” A male voice asked. They weren’t coughing, so maybe they had masks on.

“They should be here.” Another voice replied.

Panicking, I tried to move X somewhere he could hide. But he was too heavy. And then I remembered the gun. It was bit far away, but if I hurried up, I would be able to use it. Deciding to remain on the ground and not risk being seen, I crawled until I was where the bomb had exploded. I started to look around for the gun.

“The guy’s here.” One of the men said, and I panicked even more. “He’s unconscious.”

“Shoot him. We only need the girl alive.” My breath started to get heavy.

They were going to kill him. I didn’t want that. I did not want X to die. I felt the cold metal on the ground and silently thanked God for the opportunity to save X.

I did not think. I turned around and fired. Two, four, five times. I lost count. I scrambled towards X, ignoring how the world was starting to be blurry again. The gun was still in my hands. I was too scared that I would let go and then find out that the men were still alive. I mean, I heard them fall to the ground, but I could never be sure.

X’s eyes slowly opened.

“Nameless? W-what… I heard gunshots.” He breathed out.

I chuckled, holding onto his hand.

“Everything is fine now.” I softly said. X sat up, slowly, but also worriedly. He looked at me, or rather at my forehead.

“You’re bleeding.” He lifted his hand, almost like he would be touching my head, but he didn’t.

I lifted my hand to touch my forehead. It was wet and sticky. I removed my hand and looked at it. It started shaking. The whole hand was stained red.

“I’m fine.” I tried to blink faster. The blurriness was becoming worse. “I just need a paper towel.” The world around me turned black and then I felt myself fall forward. X’s shouts followed after that, or maybe I dreamt that up.

Your thoughts.

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