My head was throbbing when I woke up. I was alone in a room, but forced myself to sit up. I did not like not knowing what was happening and the state that I was in did not make matters any better.

The door opened as I was trying to get out of bed. I looked up and X was standing at the door. He smiled and I settled down.

“How are you?” He asked, walking to me. I looked at him. He seemed fine, if not better than I had expected.

“My head hurts.”

“Yeah. You hit something when the bomb went off.” I rolled my eyes. “You’re all patched up now. You’ll be able to get back to your normal routine quickly.”

“You mean hiding and eating? Great.”

“Your sarcasm is how I know you’re fine.” I scoffed and then stood up. “I made pancakes.”

“Is that an apology for making me miss breakfast, or is it an apology for almost getting me killed?” I asked as I walked out the door.

I took the plate of pancakes from the counter and went to sit on the couch. Jase was not there. X sat next to me.

“They’re because I know that you have not eaten yet.”

“How long was I out?”

“No more than three hours.”

I nodded, with the pancake between my lips.

“Did the men die?” I looked at X and a smirk formed on his lips.

“No. The gun only neutralised them. We don’t kill, remember?” I pushed my hair back thoughtfully. We don’t kill. We never killed. Or so X said.


It was two days later and we were leaving again. Jase had left the previous day, finding us another safe place. He found it at downtown Park Town. Wherever that was.

When I woke up, X was already done packing. He also made breakfast and took out clothes for me to wear. I was grateful, but also felt that X did not need to do as much as he did. I could also do things on my own. I mean, my head still hurt sometimes, but I was still able to use my own hands.

“What will happen to this place?” I asked as I stood at the door, looking at the windowless apartment. X smiled, closing it, even though he was also holding the suitcase.

“Everything will be transported to the other safe house. This will be another empty space again.” I nodded. “Come on. We have lunch reservations.” I scowled up at X.

“Who makes lunch reservations? Why don’t we just go to a random restaurant like normal people?”

“You keep on forgetting, Nameless, we could not be further from normal.” He laughed, leading the way out of the creepy alley. I followed.

I wondered why X always did things for me the way that he did, but did not voice my thoughts.

Your thoughts.

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