“Where are we going?” I asked as X led me out of the Park Town apartment.

We were not hiding like the last time, but Jase said that the tech guy installed something so that the tracker could not be tracked when I was in the apartment. It was a third storey apartment in a well kept area. It did not have a balcony due to the fear of me being shot while trying to get fresh air. And most of the time, we used black out curtains. The joys of being me.

“Can’t you just follow me for once and be surprised when we got there?” X asked, cheekily grinning at me.


“Well then.” He chuckled. “We are going to the art museum. Down the road there are a lot of places that we can see. Museums, art galaries, a mall and the science place.”

“Science place?”

“Where people showcase their science experiments. People love it.” I pursed my lips as I thought about what X said.

“Then why take me to the art galary instead?”

“Because you low key like art more than you do science.” He wrapped his arm around mine and I raised an are-you-sure-you-still-wanna-live eyebrow. He smiled.

“Let’s act like a couple for the day.” He chuckled. I could feel the sudden bounce in his walk. “Let’s have fun for once, yeah?” I removed my arm from his and his skipping stopped. He walked normally again, seeming distressed.

“Don’t be sulky. It doesn’t suit you.” He pouted.

“Nameless, we would be a cute couple. Just admit it.”

“You’re being delusional. We are aimlessly using our time to go to an art gallary.”

“C’mon, it’s gonna be fun!” X tried to persuade me, but I wasn’t taking it. I frowned as I followed him. I could see a crowd of people in the distance.

“What’s happening here?” I asked and X shrugged.

“It’s probably a street show. Joburger’s love those. Let’s go watch.” He excitedly said and took my hand, pulling me away. I groaned, but followed. There was no stopping X when he wanted to do something. Persistent annoyance.

I paused when our eyes landed on what was in between the people. Not a street show. Nope. A dead body. W written on the ground next to the gruesome scene with, you guessed it, the person’s blood.

The person had a single black rose on his chest.

“Great!” I sarcastically said as I turned around and walked back to the apartment. I was not about to deal with that.

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