He smiled, seeing Nameless for the first time since the incident. He leaned closer over the balcony he was standing on, following Nameless as she walked away from the scene. She seemed angry. Good.

His eyes shifted to X who was following behind her.

“Still following her like a lost puppy, I see.” He chuckled moving away from the balcony and back into the building.

He walked into an upbeat studio apartment. The walls were a tacky yellow and had abstract paintings. He scoffed as he pushed a vintage vase off the coffee table. He sighed, getting satisfaction from the vase’s loud crashing.

He heard a key be put in the key hole and could just imagine the property owner’s fear. He would also be scared if he heard noises coming from his apartment.

Not wanting to leave a trace, he took his phone from the table and then went to stand next to the door. The door banged open.

“Hi.” The person, male, in his mid-twenties, turned to him. He pressed the man’s neck and instantly, he fell to the ground.

He smiled, jumped the person’s unconscious body and then left.

He took out his cellphone and looked at the red blinking dot. At the top it wrote Nameless. He smiled.

“I will get you back. I promised, didn’t I?”

This was really short, but it was a chapter in W’s point of view if it wasn’t already obvious. Hope you liked it.

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