National book lover’s day! | Gtl writing tips

Today is Woman’s day here in South Africa and us women are enjoying the benefits. I mean, so are the men because today is a public holiday and all. What I did not know until the radio so graciously told us; today is also Book Lover’s day. Shocking.

So I will dedicate this post to all the bookworms out there, even though my brain is on strike right now.

I might have not mentioned this before, but I have stopped reading. I don’t know why. It just happened. I woke up one day and I had stopped liking the whole reading process.

I’m trying to start again, because what kind of writer doesn’t like reading, right?

I’ve started reading a story called Magus on Penana. Like legit this morning I decided that I would be reading something. Force this brain out of intermission and get it doing what it does best; read.

I’ve realised that not reading is probably why I lack motivation and find my writing to be a bit suckish.

It’s nothing I am proud of, really.

So I will try to read more and get the brain juices flowing again.

But if you are like me and find yourself struggling to get motivated, here are the few things that I do to get myself writing again.

Read, obviously.


Find a book that has a fascinating enough plot and start reading. Don’t try to read too much in detail, but try to read for enjoyment. Enjoy what you are doing. Take it as a break from your, otherwise, busy schedule.

Write, write, write!


Use writing prompts. They are the best way, I believe, to get motivated when all else fails. Find one and either try to incorporate it into your story, or write a different story! Make it short. Make it long! Go crazy with it. It’s fun.

Take a break.


Legit. Put your story down and try to focus on breathing normally again. Figuratively speaking, of course. Try not to make writing your story seem like chore. If it ain’t coming, then you deserve a break!

Watch a movie.


Movies were stories on paper before it was decided that they should be made into moving pictures. They have the same elements as a written story as well. The characters, protagonist, antagonist, climax, etc. All of these things can be found in your story, as well as that movie that you decided not to watch because it won’t be beneficial to your writing.

And if neither work, then maybe you should consider changing careers. Joking.

Don’t give up on what you love and always try to make yourself better. When things do not go your way, instead of giving up take it as the next challenge that you need to overcome.

Happy writing my fellow writers! Till next time.

Your thoughts.

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