Fantasy vs Supernatural | Gtl writing tips

They are legit not the same thing.

Okay guys, let us calm down for like a while. Okay? This is going to be a bit shocking.

So I was writing a book on Penana a while back (still writing it, but that is besides the point) and I had to change genres because I decided that the journal should write itself. Easy, right? Not at all!

I went there thinking I was going to simply change the story from Suspence to Fantasy, and actually ended up having a headache instead. Sigh.

I had two options; Fantasy or Supernatural.

What is fantasy?

Well, it *a genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, especially in a setting other than the real world. (According to google)

What is supernatural?

It is (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

You see, magic cannot be defined by science and is beyond the laws of nature. If the setting is different, unless it is another world completely, it will still abide by the two.

So you guys see why I was confused. My brain almost exploded as I tried to decided where my book belonged, because both the definitions fit my book.

Think of wizards, for example. Which category do they fall under? Would you be wrong if you said fantasy? Because wizards are magic, literally. But they are also beyond scientific understanding and the laws of nature do not apply to them, seeing that, naturally, people do not have magical abilities.

There is a long list of beings and happenings that I could explain, but that will lead to a lengthy blog post. So I’ll get to the point. When you decided to pick the genre for your story, don’t let the two genres confuse you. Choose the one which you believe better suits your story.

For example, if your character decides to go to a different place (Narnia, Hogwarts) then it is most likely fantasy. If your characters can do things that other normal human’s cannot (wizardry, telekinesis) then it is probably supernatural. Things like dragons, phoenixes will depend on the setting of the story, the characters, and other elements of the story.

Anyways, no one will tell you you’re wrong if you say that your story is one of the genres. It’s yours, do as you wish with it.

Your thoughts.

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