9: Sickly


“You’re going back, aren’t you?” Albai’s senior asked. They were in the senior’s office. Albai nodded.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“Albai, let’s talk.” They walked to sit down. Albai sat next to his senior on his couch.


“You’re not the first to get sick, you know?” Albai stared at his leader in confusion. He was starting to have human emotions, which both scared him and excited him at the same time. “This has been happening for centuries. Do you know the cupids?” He nodded. “They are the one’s that make sure that love doesn’t disappear. They show beings the way to love, just like we show them the way to the afterlife. They make sure that everyone has a soulmate. Humans, and also reapers. Why do you think that we get new reapers every year?” Albai stayed silent at the question. He did not know. “You’ve been sick because you found your soulmate, Albai.”


“Yes.” He was thoughtful for a while.

“Denise?” Was Denise his soulmate?

“You’ve been thinking about her. You believed that she was the mark when it was actually her dog. In the picture that I gave you, I specifically told you that the dog was the mark, but you did not hear me, because you were only thinking about her. You did not want anyone else to finish the mission because you couldn’t not see her again. You are sick Albai. You are lovesick.” Albai sat as he nervously shifted on the couch.

“The cupids did this? Do I have to leave now?” His senior nodded, but smiled, which Albai did not get.

“We already set up a house for you. We also found you a job. Everything will be fine.”

“Can I come back?”

“Sadly, no.” The reaper frowned. He had always been a reaper. He knew nothing else.

“Will I be human?” His senior did not answer him, causing a look of horror to paint his features. His senior laughed, something that he did not usually do.

“Don’t look like that. This is a good thing. You can see her everyday now. This was supposed to happen someday.”

“That’s…scary?” He had never felt fear before, but by his quickly beating heart and frantic thoughts he knew that it could have only been fear.

“Yes, it is. You’ve already started to experience human feelings, I see. It’s a good thing. You have to go now. She also feels what you feel. She’s also alone now. She misses you as much as you do her.”

“Should I leave now?” His senior nodded. “Goodbye, Senior.”

And then the reaper disappeared from the office and back to the human world.

He forgot to ask. Would he still have his abilities?

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