The dislike I have for you

I do not like you, nor do I like the way that you were brought up.

You seem to think that all you do is god-like

when in reality you’re just messed up,

screwed up, inhuman, filled with unnecessary spite.


You know how much you’ve hurt me and those I love

and for that, I can never find it in myself to forgive you.

You know by now how much of you we are sick of.

So stop sticking to us like some glue.


Hate is such a bad word. A terrible one that I feel guilty of using

even to a person as vile as you.

What are you doing?

Butting into others’ lives just to make them blue.


The fact that someone like you managed to be spewed into existence

goes to show that darkness really is persistent.


Kind of a dark poem, but I was venting. Forgive me.

Your thoughts.

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