The plot line | NaNoWriMo 2017

Why exactly do we love the drama plotline? Because they are what got us into K-dramas in the first place!

A good plotline will make the readers come back for more, and if anything, will make you as the writer enjoy the writing of your story.

So first things first, I have to come up with a plotline. This might change as time goes on, since the writing process is actually how a good plotline is made. Whenever I delve into a new story, I always have a story drawn up in my mind, but as time goes on, even the characters change. Which is why they say: The story writes itself.

My plotline (Prompt):

A will have Tourettes syndrome (mild or extreme). At the mall, they will accidentally call B an insulting word and B will be obviously shook. B will react to the insult in a much more extreme way, mostly because they already had problems at home. They will probably run away crying.

Days/weeks will pass without A and B interacting or seeing each other. B will bump into A while crying in the park (or something as depressing). From then on their relationship will improve and they will get closer.

But K-dramas don’t just end there. There will also be C, who has an unrequited love for either A or B (depending on will be the female). Then there will be D, the one who will love the male, but he would obviously be busy being all over the girl. And then E, the crazy guy who no one believe is actually crazy. They will be the one kidnapping the girls, or stalking the one person they really love because “If I can’t have him/her, no one can!”

The plotline is still a bit clumsy, but it will improve as time goes on, of course. E will probably be merged into C or D, just to make the plotline more interesting.

Your thoughts.

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