Character sketches (Females) | NaNoWriMo2017

My favourite part about K-dramas and stories is honestly the characters. Well rounded, relatable (sometimes we just imagine so) characters are all the rage. I live for that silly, unrich girl almost getting hit by a car moment because she was too shocked to even breathe. No seriously.

The main female lead

  • Emotional during the first few chapters.
  • Speaks her mind when she is not bawling her eyes out.
  • Daddy issues.
  • Introvert.
  • Plain Jane.
  • Student Teacher.

The girl we all love to hate

  • Knows the main lead from the past.
  • Beautiful, stylish, well educated, but could be sworn is the devil’s incarnate.
  • Mean, especially towards the female lead.
  • Acts like an angel and a half when with the male lead.
  • Is potentially dangerous to herself and everyone else.
  • High heels were made for fighting, not making walking another chore.

Mother in law

  • The male lead’s mother.
  • No filter between her mouth and brain.
  • Hates the female lead, even before they started dating she had been giving not-so-subtle hints about the male lead and the girl we all love to hate.
  • Favours the girl we love to hate because she has blue blood.

Best friend and then some

  • This is the female lead’s best friend.
  • She doesn’t not mind asking the awkward questions.
  • Is outgoing.
  • Has been friends with the female lead since high school and knows everything about her.
  • Encourages the female lead to go out with the boys.
  • Is not biased to any guy.

The younger sister

  • This is the male lead’s little sister.
  • She has about zero respect for her brother.
  • Makes fun of her brother when she is angry.
  • Is there for him whenever he falls apart.
  • Likes the female lead better than the girl we love to hate.

Your thoughts.

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