Character sketches (Males) | NaNoWriMo 2017

The first male lead

  • Tourettes bound.
  • Tourettes get bad when he’s nervous (around the main girl).
  • Acts like an emotionless robot.
  • Actually emphasizes with the female lead a whole lot.
  • Is rich (Chaebol).
  • When he becomes closer to the female lead, he will show his embarrassment when his Tourettes act up.
  • Did I say he is rich?

The second male lead

  • Knows the main lead from college.
  • Also rich (because why not).
  • Teacher.
  • Sees the male lead as his rival in everything that he does.
  • What the main lead does he also wants to do.
  • Who the male lead loves he also loves.
  • It is an unintentional psychological reaction.

The men’s men

  • This is either men’s friends.
  • They will support the male leads when it is needed.
  • They will vouch for them and help them get the girl.
  • They hate the other guys as much as the other guys hate them.
  • Different personalities.

Female lead’s father

  • Drinks to relieve stress.
  • Got depressed after the female lead’s mother passed away because of a car accident.
  • Does not talk about his problems
  • Instead bottles up is feelings and suffers alone.
  • Lifestyle is worrying for his daughter who hates seeing him the way that he is.

Your thoughts.

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