Character names. | NaNoWriMo 2017

Every writer will tell you that naming the characters is the hardest part. And they would not be lying.

I have talked about naming characters before, but I will talk about it again.

Even though my story is based on K-dramas, it will be taking place in South Africa, since I am living there and know it so well. So all of my characters need appropriate names. Names that will go well with their races, religions and back story.

Below I will explain the reason behind the names. The main leads names usually have more of a meaning than the supporting characters who just get names to make life easier for the writer. True story.

The main female lead

  • Gabisile Dube – Pronounced gu (like gum) bee – see – leh. It means that they make people jealous and said people can’t get what they have. It really just sums up every female lead out there. No need to elaborate there.

The first male lead

  • Phila Graham – Pronounced pea-lah, means life. Because the main lead has Tourettes, he’s been through a lot of hardships. Especially during his school years. So now, even after school, he is haunted by his childhood and just the smallest thing can make him go over the edge.

The second male lead

  • Dillan Kazmi – This name just sounds nice, don’t you think. But it also means, loyal. And boy will this character be loyal.

The girl we all love to hate

  • Kaley Larkin – Kaley is a variation of Kali, which means dark one (that legit just makes me think of someone evil) and the surname Larkin means fierce. As a Kdrama lover, I think this name will do just well for the antagonist. Also, other than the meanings, the name sounds pretty badass.

Mother in law

  • Mrs Graham – Because she doesn’t deserve a first name. Joking. I just don’t think anyone would be calling her by her first name.

Best friend and then some

  • Gloriana Manyisa – It has a nice ring to it, and it’s just a fancy name for glory.

The men’s men

  • Aubrey Madison – A character in Bones had this name and I loved him to bits. This guy will be the best friend of our second male lead.
  • Noah van Allen– This will be the second lead’s best friend.
  • Benoni Smit– Nickname Ben, cousin of the male lead.

The younger sister

  • Ayanda Graham – This name means growing. Get it. Sorry, that wasn’t funny.

Female lead’s father

  • Mr Jacob Dube

Your thoughts.

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