The Setting | NaNoWriMo 2017

The era, time of the year and month are the underrated parts about Kdramas. People don’t understand that there is a reason the drama takes place in the winter. There is a reason it takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. This is all to make the tone of the story more interesting.

For example, someone crying on a hot summer’s day will not be as effective as someone crying on a rainy day. The first snow, which is usually very anticipated in dramas, can assist the drama mood. Most of the time, the first snow invokes a sense of hope into the characters. For some reason one of the characters would promise the other something on the day of the first snow. So whenever there is the first snow they would be hopeful about whatever they were promised.

A great example of this is in Goblin. Kim Shin promised Euntak that he would come back during the first snow of every season. So even though Euntak had no memories of the Goblin, whenever there was snow, especially the first one, her mood would be down because she knew that it meant something. She just didn’t remember what.

My setting: era, season, location

My story will be taking place in South Africa, since it is where I already live. Writing about the cultures and people will be much easier. The city will be mostly Bryanston, since it is one of the richer cities, it will work well with the plotline. Another city that will pop up frequently will be Randburg, a neighbouring city to Bryanston, but not as wealthy a neighbourhood.

It will be the summer, because in South Africa Summer is also known as Rain season. This will do well for the crying in the rain scene. Also, Christmas is in summer here and in Kdramas Christmas is always a happy time (except in Goblin of course).

The era is now, lol. I’m not really good with history, mostly because before the 90s life royally sucked for non-whites in South Africa and that is not the theme I am leaning towards at the moment.

Your thoughts.

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