The perfect drama memory | NaNoWriMo 2017

How Kdrama characters still remember that one memory from when they were five like it had happened yesterday, is still puzzling to me.

When I was five, I remember I did a few things, but nothing is clear, everything is just fuzzy. I am not even sure if it really did happen or I had dreamt it up. But I do know that remembering a whole event and then some from when you are five as an adult is difficult.

Not in Kdramas, though.

If anything, they are the epitome of perfect memories. I remember this one drama where the main characers had known each other from childhood, but only figured it out when they showed each others their mementos. At first I was like, awe so freaking cute. And then I was like, eh what?

They had exchanged their belongings when they were very young, probably between seven and ten. And then twenty years later they show each other their belongings and go, “it was fate!” While I was still in utter shock at how perfect they could remember the day and that they did not somehow throw their mementos away.

But, to be honest, their on point memories are what actually drive the plot. They help make the story more interesting, or in said drama’s case, make it awe inspiring.

In our stories it can actually help to drive it forward and make the reader come crawling for more. You just have to remember to make it believable. Like, two year old memories are taking it a bit too far. Unless if your character is a genius, then by all means.


Your thoughts.

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