The restart dilemma | NaNoWriMo 2017

I logged onto my computer, opened the file on my USB and compared it to the file on my computer. My stupid self decided that I should replace the file on my computer with the one on my USB without checking and when I was ready to write, I realised that I saved the wrong copy. I had lost a whole days’ worth of writing. It was devastating.

Firstly, I lost about 60% of my will to write. I looked at my computer and only thought about death and forever being short with more or less 1500 words. Knowing that I had to write extra words everyday to be able to catch up to everyone else.

Secondly, rewriting a chapter is no joke. It’s like a torturous cycle of deju vu, but I actually did write the chapter. The first time round is exciting. The second time, not so much.

How I managed to go through that traumatising moment was hard. I was first in denial. Rolling around the bed, screaming into my pillow, jumping, jumping, jumping…

It was a really difficult time for me. After that episode of me wondering what I have done to deserve such a tragedy, I drank my cup of coffee and went back to sit infront of the mechanical hell.

So this post is just to say that it will be difficult. There will come a time when your work gets deleted, or you forget to save it, or even worse, your laptop breaks. Giving up won’t really solve your problem, if anything it will just make you regret it for a very long time.

Getting back up on the horse after falling, even if it takes longer to get to the destination, will feel great when you finally get there.

I know. I stopped making sense after the first paragraph. Just don’t give up and write on!

Your thoughts.

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