Killing off characters | NaNoWriMo 2017

Killing off characters is my favourite thing to do after naming characters.

I will be frank. When I feel like there is something missing, I kill a character or make one go through an unimaginable amount of suffering. I mean, I still have to make it believable, but I also want to make the reader feel a bit of emotion. After laughing for so long, a bit of tears won’t hurt them.

This also happens quite a lot in K-dramas. For example, the killer car. It could be a truck or normal everyday car, but either way I always get anxious when drama characters cross the street.

I know that whenever one of the leads is happy, something bad had to happen to them, or to the people around them.

The writers are literally saying screw all feelings. Usually they do it in front of the lead too.

I was laughing one time when a character was hit by a car (not because I am a sadist) but because I saw it coming. When no one gets hit by a car in a drama, I applaud, since it is such a rarity.

As a writer, making drama is your job. Books without struggles are not my type. Are there even such books, I don’t remember reading one.

Make your readers beg for more and hate you at the same time. That will be the day you know you did good.

Your thoughts.

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