Crazy just for the lols | NaNoWriMo 2017

Can we talk about the girl who sees smells for like a second? I loved that drama to bits. Not only were the characters doing justice to their roles, but the villain made me have trust issues.

Legit guys. This person was pretty on the outside and pure nasty evil on the inside.

The saying don’t judge a book by its cover was made for that kind of person. He was a chef, doing all kinds of community work, making people happy, but they he went and murdered others. Like, WTF.

I want a character like that. A character that will leave my readers gasping for air and wishing to kill him/her.

Sometimes it’s okay for you to make a character crazy just because you can. Motive? What’s that? Is it edible? Just write, as long as it will make the plotline understandable. Where the villain has a backstory or not will not influence your plotline. Maybe the sanity of the readers, but that’s okay. (JK, no one put that against me.)

Antogonists without a backstory, make the whole journey to capturing them all the more fun, honestly. Since they have no motive, their final thought would be that he/she is just plain crazy. Crazy people can do about anything.

They probably won’t have much of a conscious too. So prepare for a killing spree. Or maybe a basement with dozens of the opposite sex. You know, for the lols.


Your thoughts.

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