The bromance got me like… | NaNoWriMo 2017

I smell a bromance brewing.

What I usually ship more than the main couple and second couple in Kdramas is usually the bromance. Sometimes the bromance is so much stronger than the first couple’s romance that I have to focus on them.

An example of a great Kdrama bromance is the one in Goblin. Don’t deny it. We all fell for it.

The Goblin and grim reaper fought so much, but it was obvious they cared deeply for each other. Their bromance was playful and loving at the same time, I always ended up smiling whenever they were on the screen.

So how can you, as a writer , make the best out of your bromance this month? How can you make the readers fall for it?

I am not a pro, but I can tell you what I like the most about Kdrama bromances.

They are realistic. They do not try too hard to make it a thing. It usually forms in the most unexpected way. People are usually easily able to relate.

Have you ever seen guys get split up by a girl? It happens a ton in Kdramas, stop me if I’m wrong. Best friends since birth start having problems because they both managed to like the same girl (since they have the same preferences). They won’t talk, they’d fight even. But when a time comes when they need each other, they will help without even batting an eyelash. Helping each other comes instinctively. They are like actual brothers. Once one realises that the girl is not for them, they will easily stop the fight so that their bro can be happy. An example of this is the relationship between Moo Myung and Ji Dwi in Hwarang. That one was beautiful, don’t you think?

They are inseparable. Let’s talk about Tomorrow with you for like a paragraph. The bromance between So Joon and Ki Doong was what I made me sleep at midnight every day. I mean it was so cute that Secretary Hwang even mistook them for a couple. Either way I would have shipped it.

The key to making a relatable bromance is not forcing it and just letting it happen. Don’t write it with the mind-set of making it work. Write it not even thinking about it. Just write and the perfect bromance will form.

Make it so that even you as a writer will fall for it.


Your thoughts.

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