Dramatic Kissing Scenes | NaNoWriMo 2017

If you have watched a Kdrama or two you might have noticed how dramatic the first kiss usually is.

I remember I was watching Supergirl and she kissed Mo’Nell. I’m not sure what I was actually expecting, but I felt a pang on let-down when it played.

Kdrama kissing scenes incorperate angles (of the same second, mind you), and the dramatic OST, which will do a good job at pulling those heartstrings. I mean you won’ be shipping the couple, but when they kiss you just want it to never end (except when your mum is there, then it just become awkward real quick).

It’s not just in the kissing scenes, though. Hugging scenes, those terrible moments that just make you wanna ball your eyes out scenes. They have just managed to find a way to prolong the excitement or heartbreak that the viewer would be having.

That is what I love about them. Just the fact that I can feel the joy for ten more seconds than anywhere else.

When you’re writing your story, stay clear! Legit.

Readers are not watchers. Some things are better off left on the big screen. This point is usually why books change so much once they are made into movies. The producers and scriptwriters know that if something that was great in the book is put in a movie, they might as well kiss all their profits goodbye.

My story might be inspired by Kdramas, but I am well aware that what happens in Kdramas should sometimes stay in Kdramas.


Your thoughts.

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