Now that’s what I’m talking about. | NaNoWriMo 2017

At the moment I am watching a Thai drama called 2Moons. It’s different from what I usually watch, but I absolutely love it. Not all of it, though, there is this one thing I dislike about it. The cliffhangers!

I need to breathe for this one.

I’ve talked about cliffhangers before and how they are the main reason that readers (and viewers!) come back for more.

This post is just me elaborating more on that (and ranting).

The drama is well written I can tell you that. The episodes flow nicely and the characters always make me laugh. They are silly just right. Meaning that they are not overdoing it. Something to consider when making silly characters.

Try to think of silly or jokeful character that you know. Think of the characters that you have watched or read about in your favourite books. Most of the time it feels naural, their personalities I mean. They feel like a real life character. Sometimes even someone you need in your life. As writer, that is what we mostly aim for.

Try to think of that when you are writing about any type of character.

Going back to cliffies (cliffhangers!), this drama had the worst kind. Imagine watching your favourite series on TV and then all of a sudden there is a power outage. Like character A had just asked an important question that could determine life and death (of your feels) and now you’ll never know.

“But Noku, isn’t that all cliffhangers?” Guys, it’s not the same!

A movie being cut off at 30 minutes. In movies that is when everything starts getting exciting. The action starts, or the romance develops, or someone dies. Imagine the movie getting cut off there!

These are no ordinary cliffhangers. These were made to make us binge ten hours worth of drama.

I applaud them for that.

That’s what I am aiming for with my story. Readers beware.


Your thoughts.

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