Becoming a murderer | Gtl writing tips

Every writer will see the headline of this post and go “Ah…” because we’ve all been in the situation where we have to choose if we should kill a character and how. I mean, finding a way to kill my characters is what I live for, but sometimes it becomes pretty obvious that the killing is not necessary.

Since I’ve been on hiatus since the beginning of the year, I will be coming back with this refreshing post about murder. It’s my pleasure in advance.

I am writing a story where I have an option to kill either one character or two. Both characters will have a big impact on the main character’s life and if either dies, life would be hell for the main.

With these options I can decide on how high I am on the evil author scale. I can be at the very bottom and kill no one (lol what) or I can be slightly higher and only kill one. Or I can be the ultimate evil author, the one where readers end up in balls of life contemplation at the end of their books. Yeah, that one.

But honestly, I would rather make my characters suffer only for them to be happy later on. If I killed both the characters then the main will be in too much misery to move on with the remainder of his life.

That is one point I have. When you want to kill a character you should think of the reasons to do so. Is it necessary? Will it make some’s life improve or will it make a character start to see the world differently? Will it turn the character into the villain that we all need?

Killing shouldn’t just be done for the reason of killing (no matter how fun) but should be put into serious consideration. Gosh I’m starting to sound like a doctor. I’ve always thought about that when I want to kill a character. I’ve also seen it on social media a lot.

How will killing someone in your story make it progress?

Everything happens for a reason. This great life advice also helps when you are writing a story. Make it reasonable. Kill within reason.

Don’t just throw lightning at a character for the sake of them dying.

Think it through and make sure your writing leaves a good impact on your readers.

Before this starts sounding like a How to murder 101 class, let’s end it here. If you have any questions about your characters, please leave it in the comments below and I will come back to you, or better; write a post about it!


Your thoughts.

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