Love Triangles: Why people hate them | Being a writer

I also don’t know.

I love love triangles. If well executed they will pull me in and I will surely read or watch the story till the end. Poorly executed love triangles make me hate love. True story.

It all depends on how they are written and what the character who is liked by the two interests does about it. Here are some examples of well prosecuted love triangles that I always fall for.

1. I know what I want!

This is the character who has two people who are interested in them. Let’s say the girl is loved by two (usually) different guys. We’ll call them B and C. This character knows who they like and seldom get swayed by the other. They usually like B and if C tries to win them over, they will just pull them into the friend zone.

It’s kinda sad always having to see C get pushed to the side, but having a lead who knows what they want shows that the character can make their own decisions and are human too.

Just imagine liking someone who say they like you, but they also like someone else and they are not sure who to choose? That person honestly sounds like a jerk. Leave and go buy a life sized teddy instead. You deserve it.

2. I’ve been swayed!

This one slightly contradicts my last point.

This is where the main character is liked by B but they actually like C. The main character will do anything for C, but don’t realise that C likes someone else. Or worse, they see them like a sibling. Usually B will chase after the main character until they manage to sway them. By the time C realises that they also like the main it will be too late.

Why do I like this so much? Maybe its because the saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is personalised. C does not realised what they had until the main has chosen B, who has always been there for them.

It’s sweet. Two live happily ever after, while one tries to move on from the person that they loved too late.

3: What’s a confession?

Ah, we’ll make this one the last one. Here the main chracter is madly in love with C and C is madly in love with the main, but they never end up together. Neither get the guts to confess and so when B comes in and serenades the main, then they fall because they think of C as someone special and then as a sibling.

It always annoys me since the two usually have been in love since childhood but because they are scared of confessing, one of them ends up giving up and going to someone else.

I live for love triangles. Well written ones make me wish for more when they become resolved and the characters find their true love. Some make me cringe and want to get a break from romance forever.

As a writer, I try to explore how to make my love triangles appealing and how to kill my reader with feels and appropriate characters.

Do you have any favourite love triangles or romance tropes? Or do you just hate love triangles all together? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and maybe we’ll talk about it in the next post.


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