What happened to Nameless?

Nameless is dead!

No one take me seriously. Nameless has taken a break too long. So I have finally decided that I will bring it back and hopefully finish chapter one.

I got too lazy and whenever I thought about writing, I thought of it as a chore more than a hobby slash passion. I’m starting to get worried because I feel like I am starting to stop liking writing. But honestly, I think this is all because I watch a lot of kdramas and whenever I have free time I just think about watching kdramas other than writing.

I’m trying to change that now. I don’t want to stop doing what I like just because of all the distractions. I also have to start reading again. I’d appreciate some book suggestions too. Yeah, that sounds great.

My plan?

Bring Nameless back before October. (It needs to be done.)

Write more and read more. Hope I’ll be able to do what I am supposed to this time.

For now, farewell. I will post again soon.

Your thoughts.

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