How to deal with depression, sadness and all these stupid feelings | Being a writer

Depression, a feeling common, but usually ignored. At least one out of two people (facts from my brain guys) have suffered or experienced extreme sadness and depression.

I become sad all over again every time I believe I am starting to be happy. I like to blame myself for my sad feelings and tell myself that I could be happier if I tried hard enough. But sometimes I know that no matter how much I try, happiness just seems so far away, and the people surrounding me aren’t of any help. The only help that they give me is digging the dark hole even deeper. The people around me will probably be the reason I end up jumping into the darkness.

I try to be happy sometimes, but that seldom helps. What usually helps me get through the negativity and at least smile is writing.

Typical, right?

Well, it’s true. I used to believe that I would be happy if I watched more happy drama, or when I went for a walk, but that has been a lie that I have been telling myself for a very long time now.

When I watch drama, I laugh for a short while and then when a sad, depressing scene comes on, I fall into the deep holes of sadness again. Walks are great and all, but when I walk for so long, I honestly have nothing to distract me from my sad thoughts other than trying not to get hit by a car every now and then. Also, I am very lazy, mind you.

So I write. I put on, usually, depressing songs and start writing my heart out. This method usually leads to very depressing stories of people dying, being left by the people they love the most, and just getting it right to kill the main character.

My little sister already said that I excel in making my stories the saddest, and its true. But that is also the reason my stories, in my opinion, have so much emotion. When I write with neutral emotions, it will be very obvious in my writing.

My strong emotions do hurt, always, but they also help me improve my craft. They also help me improve myself.

This is to everyone feeling down for whatever reason right now. It will get better. But while it’s still hard, make use of the negativity. Write if you’re a writer, dance if you’re a dancer. Just improve your craft and get rid of all the negativity.

It will get better (and worse again), but that is just the cycle of life.

Your thoughts.

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