I used to be scared.


I use to be scared of this big dark world.

Everything was taken away from me one by one.

My parents.

My friends.

My home.

My right to exist.

I was down and thought it would be better if I died. I did not realise that that was not how I should have been living. I was young back then. I was scared and I was pathetic.

As I look down at the burning city I realise that being weak was my way to become great. I had to experience all that was bad about the world in order to conquer it.

I smiled.

They were also experiencing the sadness that I felt when I lost my family. They were also experiencing what I had when I lost everything that mattered to me in only a few months. Never will they ever smile again, because someone like me has destroyed their lives.

Did I do good?

No. I did great.

I’m making them realise that the world will not stay the same way forever. The people that they are with right now, will not be there forever. Others will leave and others will stay only to make them feel worse about themselves. Others will betray them and the rest will act like they care. No one is real in this world. But that is not the problem. The problem is that no one realises that until it is too late.

But I’ve helped them all.

The world in front of me is burning and so is all the trust in people. The people that they once trusted are leaving and only saving themselves. Those that manage to runaway together are being tripped, just so that the other can survive.

They shouldn’t have trusted and they never will again…

Your thoughts.

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