I am getting married.


I. Am. Getting. Married. What the hell?

My brain was also confused. I was alone for a very long time and my boyfriend…my fiánce…no, my future husband realised that I needed someone like him in my life.

He was a light, giving me warmth during my dark and cold days. So cliche.

I was looking myself in the mirror, staring into my shining eyes. Why did he choose me? I had asked everyone to step out for a bit. Why didn’t he choose someone else? All alone, I could wallow in my doubts and self pity.



He was such a good person, while I was painfully average. Maybe if I didn’t attend the wedding. Yes. I would be helping him get rid of the burden that was me. I would…

The door opened and I looked up, only to try to hide myself behind my tiny hands.

“You’re not supposed to see the bride before…” I stopped during my sentence, allowing my hands to fall back on my sides. “You look…good.”

“Are you okay?” My future husband softly asked, sitting next to me. He held onto my hands. I hadn’t noticed that they were shaking.

“What would make me not…okay?” I could feel the tears start to fall. “Oh no. I’ll ruin the make-up.” I pulled my hands from his, glancing around for the tissues.

He stopped me from standing up. Instead he handed them to me. I dabbed them over my face and then over my eyes.

“My peach, what is wrong?” He prodded. I was looking away from him, too scared to look into his eyes. “Please talk to me.” He begged.

Slowly, I turned my eyes to look at his desperate ones. “I don’t know. I don’t know why…you want to spend the rest of your life with me. I only come with endless baggage and I’ll surely make you live a terrible life.”

He smiled, letting out a short laugh. “What a silly worry.” He put his hand on my cheek, looking into my eyes. “Your baggage, as you call it, is what makes you you. And who you are is the reason I fell in love with you. I wouldn’t just ask anyone to marry me. Only a deserving woman. One that loves pineapple on pizza too.”

I chuckled. I then pouted at him. “Pineapple on pizza is kinda good.”

“Right?” He laughed.

I took in a deep breath. “Thank you for that.”

“No.” He shook his head. “Thank you, for entering my life.”


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