It’s been dry | Being a writer

So I have been MIA and I sincerely apologise. I’m thinking about ways to make this blog fun again. Also, I am leh-ay-zie.

I’ve been so busy this year and I lost all of my motivation to write. I’ve written a few short stories and a fanfiction, but that is about it. I know I can do better, but something —a force, mind you—is making it so hard for me to write and actually enjoy it.

Nowadays I am always tired. Like always, like so much so, I started to believe I was funny. I am, btw. That was just my sorry excuse for a joke (slowly moves into the corner).

I want to write again. I want to feel the happiness of finishing a novel. I want to feel the excitement and proudity (that’s not a word) of writing poetry that means something. I want to believe in myself again, because at this moment I am finding it very hard to believe that my writing is any better than it was five years ago.

It’s a terrible feeling, but hopefully I will get back to feeling good again. I will trust myself and I will trust my characters not to drop dead mid novel — because I do that sometimes.

I should stop…

Your thoughts.

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