March: The month of war and courage | Prompts

Since writer’s block is a daily struggle, and the reason for the dryness on my blog and many other writing tasks out there, I have decided to finally start being serious about this writing prompt gig!

I will post a list of prompts for every day of the month. These prompts will be posted every seven to eight days and they will stay on the front page for the remainder of the month.

This is a recent idea and hopefully, it will help writers all around the world fight writer’s block and write their best work.

Since this is something for writers, please feel free to send through prompts if you have an idea so that I can add them onto the prompts’ list. The list will have a theme every month (which I will also take suggestions for) that the prompts will be about.

I will post the theme every two weeks before the end of the month and then the prompts sending can begin.

Posting prompts online is nothing new, but for me, this is exciting, especially since I will be working with my followers to write these prompts.

For March, which will be the first month, the theme is War and Courage. I decided on this since March used to be the time (in the Northern Hemisphere) when war campaigns restarted after winter. It was named after the Roman war god, Mars. The March birthstone is the bloodstone, which symbolises courage. So the theme, I believe, suits it well.

Hope everyone will is as excited as I am. Tell me what you think.

See you soon with the first prompt!

Your thoughts.

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