15 – 21 March 2k19 | Prompts

15 March

A: “Don’t show this to anyone.”

B: “But, what about…?”

A: “Or else you’re dead.”

16 March

“Kings come and go, but the legends your hear are forever.”

17 March

Humans are in hiding, fearing for their lives, because the most indestructible of species has finally decided that it was their time to rule.

The cockroaches have finally decided to rule the world.

18 March

Sasha just wants to finish high school and carry on with her dream to be an accountant and get married and have two to four children with a wealthy husband. She did not expect the Mozambique military attack during her final high school exam. She mostly did not expect a war that would last seven years. Well, so much for the suburban dream family.

19 March

Her life is a battle ground and her side is losing, but the new boy on the block is about to change her view of life and well…battle grounds.

20 March


Darkness, that was all she could see, and then she heard a bang!

21 March

He was not sure what he was running away from, but he knew that he was mighty scared.

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