Falling out of writing | Being a writer

I’ve stopped writing.

Not completely. As seen on Gtl, I’m doing daily prompts for my readers just so that I can have something for them while I get myself together. I feel hopeless because I can’t write good enough stories anymore.

I’ve fallen for poetry. Mostly because in poetry there are no rules and no one can say that I should change the structure to suite their needs.

Poetry is like free form writing, where I can express myself in any form that I desire. Writing, it’s also similar, but there are rules to follow. Certain words that specifically go with others, phrases that make no sense if used there, words that did not exist before are flaunted around everywhere, repetition is bad, bad, but in poetry repetition is poetic, an absolute must.

Boundaries are non-existent in poetry. Anything and everything you do goes, but with writing I feel more restrained as the hours tick away.

Maybe it’s just my not-so-new acquired laziness talking. I’m just too lazy to sit down and think about how to improve the already dying plot line, or how to save the story from the regrettable never-gonna-come ending.

I’m fixing myself. I’m trying to become a better version of myself and write more stories, not just poetry.

Will I post the poetry on Gtl some time soon? Some of it, but the rest will stay in my poetry diary because it’s more like a diary entry and it’s too deep and personal to post about at the moment. Maybe a few years later, when I’m over and laughing about my 20198/19 problems.

For now, I will post more writing prompt, some advice and writing advice slash observations, and soon maybe short stories and longer writing pieces.

2019 will be the year I fix my writing laziness. Hope it goes well.

Your thoughts.

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